Aditya had proposed Shweta during the lockdown, preparing for this

Singer and host Aditya Narayan are going to marry their girlfriend Shweta Aggarwal soon. In the Corona era, he too seems desperate to start a new innings in his life.

Now though, both Aditya and Shweta have known for 11 years, but this love had passed away some time ago. Aditya himself has told that how he proposed Shweta.

According to Aditya, he proposed Shweta during the lockdown. In the month of March, he was considering proposing them at an open beach in Maldives.

Aditya tells a news portal about this – Maldives was the first choice. I thought I would propose him on the beach in March. I kept the ring ready since December 2019. Flight tickets were also booked. But just eight hours before his departure, we came to know that the lockdown was caused due to Corona in Maldives.

Meaning that this plan of Aditya Narayan was proved to be a flop. His dream of proposing on the open beach could not be fulfilled. But Aditya did not give up so soon. He then prepared a new plan.

According to the new plan, Aditya was going to propose Shweta in Lonavla. He tells about this – When we went to Lonavala, I silently put a ring in his finger. Aditya proposed to Shweta by doing so and both agreed to start a new life.

Although not married yet, Aditya has already prepared the honeymoon plan. They say that if everything goes well, they are going to Kashmir. If she believes Shweta is very fond of skiing, then Gulmarg would be the best place.


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