Amit Shah said by doing 'serial attack' on Mamta - give us a chance, Sonar Bangla will make in 5 years

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is on a tour of West Bengal. During this, Amit Shah targeted the Mamta Banerjee government of West Bengal. Simultaneously, Amit Shah claimed to form a government by winning over 200 seats in West Bengal. Amit Shah said that give one chance to BJP, Sonar will make Bangla in 5 years.

Amit Shah said, ‘In the coming elections, we are going to form a BJP government in Bengal with more than 200 seats. Years ago, the command of Bengal was given in the hands of CM Mamta Banerjee. But today the slogan of Maa, Mati and Manush has been changed to appeasement, dictatorship and tollbasing. The Trinamool government has not been able to meet the expectations of the people.

Promise to make sonar bangla

Amit Shah said, ‘I have come to assure the people of Bengal that you gave the Congress a chance, also gave the communists many opportunities. Apart from this, two opportunities were given to Mamta Banerjee. Give one chance to BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi, we promise to make Sonar Bangla within five years.

Familyism or evolutionism

Amit Shah said, ‘Our goal is clear that West Bengal should be developed, the borders of the country are safe and infiltration inside Bengal should be stopped. On the other hand, TMC and Mamta Banerjee’s only goal is to make nephew the chief minister in the next term. Now the people of Bengal have to decide whether they want familyism or developmentism.

6 thousand rupees to farmers

On the issue of farmers of Bengal, Amit Shah said, ‘Modi government sends Rs 6000 directly to the account of every farmer. But the Bengal government does not give a list of farmers and bank accounts. So far, 95 thousand crores rupees have gone to farmers across the country. But the farmers of Bengal have got nothing. I want to assure the farmers of Bengal that after May this money will come directly into the bank account because after May the BJP government is to be formed here.


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