BB: Nikki crosses all limits to win the task, trolls on social media

Bigg Boss is such a reality show where all limits are crossed to win the task. At times, it seems to be a scuffle with each other. But in season 14, Nikki Tamboli has done something like this.

In Tuesday’s episode, a nomination task has been given by Bigg Boss. Under that task, two contestants have to debate with each other and explain why they live in the green zone. An oxygen mask is placed in the middle which is necessary for any one of the contestants. Contestants who did not have it, in the end, will go into the Red Zone.

Now Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya were called first in the task. Controversy arose at the beginning of the task itself. Rahul did not even reach the task place that Nikki had already taken that oxygen mask in his hand.

The controversy still subsided about this, but later when Rahul asked Nikki to give him that mask, Nikki refused to do so. He claimed that he is not going to support anyone other than life in this house.

Nikki did not agree when Rahul said that both of them walk in the red zone again, and as soon as the task was over, he put that mask inside his trouser.

Rahul Vaidya was surprised to see this action of Nikki. Rahul, who has been dragging along with Nikki before, immediately backed down. This act of Nikki also annoyed other contestants of the house.

During the task, Nikki’s Naina Singh was seen with you. Naina was saying that if you do not respect the woman as a woman, then it is a shame. Now on social media, users also started a class of Nikki Tamboli. He was shown a mirror. Some have told their actions as ridiculous, some accused them of playing dirty games.

Very cheap tactics this is not entertainment at all she is arshi khan 2.0

But Nikki Tamboli had to remain in the green zone under any circumstances. Putting the mask in her trousers, she made it clear that she was not going to give up. Now Rahul became very emotional after seeing this action of Nikki. He had tears in his eyes. They were constantly saying in anger – Nikki you are making a mess by doing this. But Nikki had no effect on anything. Now Rahul is in the Red Zone at the moment, while Nikki has strengthened his place in the Green Zone.



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