In Bigg Boss 14, actor Ejaz Khan’s game is looking strong. The stronger he looks in the show, the more his emotional side can also be seen. Ejaz looked very emotional in the October 5 episode. He tells his heart to Shardul Pandit. Talk to your heart with them.

He tells Shardul that Jasmine is behaving very irresponsibly. She is keeping the red zone key anywhere. I told them three times to keep the keys properly. She is not responsible and therefore does not have the desire to become a captain.

On this, Shardul says that she behaves a little bit. If she is told something right, she listens to it. Aijaz says, “No one is a child here.” It was she who was calling me ‘crazy’ during my captaincy. I show him who is crazy. He called me ‘crazy’. She simply speaks without thinking. He has also done reality shows. She is 30 years old.

Meanwhile, Ejaz Khan becomes emotional and starts crying. They also say that they will drive me crazy here. There was definitely a shout on Holy that day, but I had not done anything. He encouraged me. Everyone makes fun of me I should not have opened.

Shardul tells them not to react to anything. Please tell that when Ejaz Khan was the captain, he protected Jasmine Bhasin from nomination. Because of which there was a lot of anger on the holy age.


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