An issue is made about small things in Bigg Boss house. But when it comes to work, everyone also carries out their respective responsibilities. However, there is a lot of talk among the contestants about many works. This time there was a ruckus between Shardul Pandit and Naina Singh about cooking. is. A promo related to the show has surfaced. In the promo, there is a huge debate between Naina and Shardul.

In the debate promo between Shardul and Naina, Naina is speaking, I should cook for all three times. But death comes in you to do something. On this, Shardul says don’t shout and talk. Death comes to you too, tax cleaning. It does not mean that I keep volunteering and not alone. At the same time, Naina says you want eggs, parathas too. Everyone wants it, but both of them face death. Both of them feel that food is very easy to prepare. On this, Rahul does not seem to speak at all, she is thinking wrong.

Pavitra Punia supports Naina. And she says don’t cook. At the same time, Naina Singh says that I will not cook now. Naina looks very angry.

Let us know that Naina Pandit, Shardul Pandit and Rahul Vaidya are currently in the Red Zone. All three have to do the work of the red zone. The sword of eviction hangs on the heads of the three.



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