CDS Rawat said - Stress on China border tense, no change allowed on LAC

Chief of Defense Staff Bipin Rawat has given a big statement about the ongoing tension between India and China on the Ladakh border. Bipin Rawat says that conditions are still tense on the Eastern Ladakh border. The Indian Army has given China a lot of challenge due to the befitting reply on the border.

Bipin Rawat said in a program that India’s position is clear, we will not accept any change on LAC. This statement of Bipin Rawat came at a time when today the borders of India and China are sitting on the table for the eighth time in Chushul.

CDS Rawat said that the Indian defense industry will grow rapidly in the coming time, which will help a lot in the preparation of the defense sector. At the same time, most of the weapons and other items will be made in India. CDS Bipin Rawat said that if we talk about the defense corporation, then it moves on the basis of partnership and diplomacy.

Bipin Rawat said that according to the current circumstances there is no possibility of war with China, but the possibility of any skirmish or tension arising on the border cannot be ruled out.

In this address, Bipin Rawat also lambasted Pakistan, he said that Pakistan has continued to be an epicenter of terrorism. The Pakistan Army and ISI want to disturb the atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir through proxy war.

Significantly, there have been tense situations between India and China since the month of March. So far, about seven rounds of talks have been held in the army of the two countries, but no consensus has been reached about the withdrawal of troops from the border. This is the reason why Indian Army personnel are still standing on the border in winter.


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