Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has appealed to revive old traditions for the moral development of children. He has said that in the earlier days when children used to sleep, their parents used to tell them stories of Ramayana Mahabharata. But at present, this tradition is over. Because of these traditions, moral development of children was done. Therefore it is important that these traditions be revived. The Vice President has written these things on his Twitter handle.

He wrote, ‘We used to sleep in childhood listening to stories of Ramayana-Mahabharata. Now this tradition is being left out. We have to revive it. These stories are very important for the moral development of children.

He wrote in another tweet, “Ramayana was the first epic, that’s why Valmiki has been called ‘Adi Kavi’ and Ramayana has been called ‘Adi Kavya’.” In fact, Ramayana is ‘eternal poetry’, because its relevance is from time immemorial and will last for eternity. ”

The Vice President remains very active on social media. After recovery from Covid-19 a few days ago, he told in a Facebook post what he used to do to keep himself fit and positive. The Vice President said that he was confident that he would win the battle against infection by eating indigenous things in physical fitness, mental exercise and diet.

In his post, Venkaiah Naidu wrote, ‘I am confident that despite my age and some medical problems like diabetes, I am suffering from regular exercise like physical fitness, mental tenacity, yoga and walking. 19 Infection). Apart from this, I had eaten only domestic food. I did all this here in my self isolation period.

After recovering from Covid-19, he shared his experience and also urged people to do physical exercises like walking, jogging or yoga regularly.



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