National Green Tribunal (NGT) will give its verdict on the issue of ban on firecrackers. In view of the ever-increasing pollution in Delhi, the state government has also banned the running of green firecrackers. This ban will remain in force till 30 November. But states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have not yet issued any order banning firecrackers. On the other hand, the Ministry of Environment has said that at present they do not have any such study that can be clear that after the use of firecrackers, the corona case will increase further.

The Haryana government has said in its reply filed in the NGT that it is not in favor of banning firecrackers in its state. The Haryana government has said that in view of the increasing pollution in Delhi, if the NGT feels that the firecrackers in Delhi NCR, such as Faridabad and Gurugram, can increase pollution in Delhi, then there can be a ban. The government feels that there is no need to ban firecrackers throughout Haryana.

At the same time, the Uttar Pradesh government has told the NGT on this whole matter that the Supreme Court is already hearing cases related to pollution and use of firecrackers. A hearing on this matter is also to be held in the Supreme Court in November this month. Therefore the Supreme Court is able to decide in this case.

The Uttar Pradesh government has also told the NGT that this year they have not issued licenses to shopkeepers to sell crackers. But the Uttar Pradesh government has not made its stand clear in the court to stop firecrackers from being run. Many states like Rajasthan and Odisha have already written to the NGT that they have implemented ban on firecrackers till 30 November.

The stance of the Ministry of Environment in the midst of all this is very interesting. The environment ministry has said on the opinion sought by the NGT for banning firecrackers, that at present they do not have any such study in this matter to make it clear that corona cases will increase after use of firecrackers.

Talking to Aaj Tak, Advocate of the Ministry of Environment Balendra Shekhar said that on November 3, he has again written a letter to the Ministry of Health to clarify whether there is a connection between the use of firecrackers and the rise in the corona case. According to the environment ministry, a complete ban on firecrackers has to be the appropriate reason for this.

The efforts of the Delhi government to increase pollution in Delhi and curb it are not enough until the role of the states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana is also positive. If firecrackers are not banned in the cities of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana under Delhi-NCR, then even if green crackers are banned in Delhi, pollution will increase in the capital. Increasing pollution in cities like Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurugram affects Delhi’s air and air.

In such a situation, the decision of the NGT coming on November 9 will clarify whether there will be a ban on firecrackers in these states.


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