Investor thrives on the thrill of US elections, profits of 6 lakh crores in five days

The thrill of presidential elections in America is increasing. After all the ups and downs in the election results this week, Joe Biden is now moving towards victory. However, Donald Trump has also given a tremendous competition.

Raising in the Indian stock market, because of this thrill , the Indian stock market is roaring on the five business days of the week. Between Monday and Friday, due to the growth of the stock market, investors have made a profit of about 6 lakh crores.

About 6 lakh crore increase in market cap was Rs 1,57,92,249.91 crore on the BSE index on Friday, October 30. At the same time, today i.e. on Friday, the market cap is Rs 1,63,60,699.17 crore. In this context, there has been a profit of about 6 lakh crores.

On Friday, let the Sensex rise by 552 points, on Friday, the Sensex closed with a bounce for the fifth consecutive day. The Sensex gained 552 points to 41893 level and the Nifty gained 143 points to close at 12263 points.

Sensex reached its all-time high (42273 points) on 20 January 2020, just 400 points behind the all-time high. However, in the Corona period, the Sensex had dropped to 25 thousand 638 points. In such a situation, the Sensex is just 400 points behind the all-time high.


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