Jasmine became emotional after seeing Ali in Bigg Boss, said - now all will be mindblowing

The big twist is coming in Bigg Boss episode on Wednesday. Another new member is going to enter the reality show. TV actor Ali Goni, who is a special friend of Jasmine Bhasin, is going to enter his Bigg Boss house. A new promo of the show has been revealed.

In this, Ali Goni’s entry in Bigg Boss House is shown. Jasmine is not happy about seeing Ali Goni in the show. Jasmine was happy to see Ali, she was also emotional. Jasmine was also seen crying in the promo.

In the promo, Ali asks Jasmine why did you cry? Let me tell you, here Ali was talking about the dispute between Jasmine and Rahul. Jasmine wept bitterly after a fight with Rahul Vaidya. Jasmine accused Rahul of threatening her.

In response, Jasmine said – This world is not for me. Then Ali said – Even outside we are both worlds. In this world, no one can come among us and neither will be able to come. Happy with Ali’s arrival, Jasmin said- Now all will be mindblowing.

Now with Ali’s arrival, there is definitely a big twist in the show. Ali Goni is a popular actor of TV. He has dated Hardik Pandya’s fiancĂ©e Natasha Stankovic. These days there are reports of Ali’s dating Jasmin.

But both tell each other only good friends. Outside the Bigg Boss house, Ali Jasmine was supporting full on. They were campaigning for Jasmine. Jasmine’s side was kept in front of the fans.

Now because Ali too has come to the Bigg Boss house to support Jasmine herself, this journey of both of them is going to be fantastic. With the arrival of Ali, one can see big changes in Jasmine’s game as well. Jasmine and Ali’s friendship and love will spice up the show.

How tough will Ali Ali Goni give competition to other contestants in Big Boss, it will become clear in the coming episodes. Seeing Ali Goni and Jasmine together is a big treat for his fans. Earlier, he was seen in the player of both threats – Made in India.



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