Karan Johar launches new book on children, laughing loudly

Film director Karan Johar has not been active on social media for quite some time. Since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, he has seen so many ups and downs in his life, that now he does not post much on social media. But the director’s fans had begun to miss their children a lot. Every video of Yash-Roohi was trending during the lockdown, everyone was entertained tremendously. In such a situation, as soon as Karan went away from social media, those videos also stopped coming.

Karan launches new book

But now a new video of Yash-Roohi has come out for all those fans. Karan Johar himself has shared this video on social media. In the video, Karan is launching a new book written on his children. They are telling that they have written this book during lockdown. Now in the video, Karan also asks his two children for a reaction to this book. But as usual, Yash-Ruhi made fun of his father. Seeing the book, both of them started laughing loudly. They started calling that book quite funny. Karan was also surprised by the reaction he got from the children.

By the way, in the matter of writing the book, Karan has had a good experience now. Three years ago, he launched his own biography. Karan released a book called An Unsuitable Boy. In that book, Karan had revealed the secrets of his life. In such a situation, now when Karan has written a book on children, it becomes too much to ring with it.

Karan Johar caught in controversy

Talking about Karan’s personal life, he is running into a lot of controversies. Sometimes they find themselves caught in the nepotism controversy, sometimes they are accused of organizing a drug party. Whatever be the reason, Karan is trolled on social media. But now when the matter seems to be calming down a bit, Karan is also becoming active on social media again.


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