Discussions of TV show Anupam’s success are happening everywhere. Ever since the serial started, they have been in the news. The show is also in the forefront of TRPs. The serial also defeated Ekta Kapoor’s show Kundali Bhagya.

Maker Rajan Shahi is very happy with the success of the show. He set up a havan for this on the set. The entire team participated in this havan puja.

Photos of Havan have been shared from the Instagram handle of Directors Kut Production. The whole team is seen doing Havan in photos. A photo of Rajan and Rupali has also been shared.

The happiness of the success of the show is seen on everyone’s face. The storyline of the serial has won the hearts of the fans. As Anupam, Rupali is liking fans of Ganguly.

These days, a different avatar of Rupali is being seen in the show. Actually, Anupama has revealed the truth of her husband Vanraj’s Extra Marital Affair.

Anupama has come to know that she is in a relationship with Kavya. Anupama broke down with this, but did not lose heart. Anupama has now decided to live her life in her own way.

She is not doing any work of Vanraj anymore. She is working now according to her wish. Along with this, Anupama has also decided to stand on her feet. For this, she is thinking of taking online dance classes. At the same time, Vanraj is very upset and upset with all these things.


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