SC told the Center on pollution - do not allow smog in Delhi-NCR, punishments for negligents

Supreme Court on Friday asked the government to take all possible measures to ensure that the capital and surroundings are not smog. The commission should start this work from today itself. We mean the public rather than the commission. Anyway, there are already many commissions. Now just make sure that the smoke of the smog does not go into the lungs of the public. The Center told the court that a commission has been set up regarding pollution.

Regarding the constantly deteriorating air of Delhi, the Supreme Court told the Center that smog should not be made and there should be a provision of five years in jail or financial penalty of Rs one crore for each such offense.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice SA Bobde, folded his hands and congratulated everyone on the occasion of Diwali and made it clear before taking a farewell that the hearing on the pollution case will be done after Diwali, but the Commission should start action now.

The Center also told the Supreme Court that it will immediately implement its recommendations by giving all the facilities to the Commission, using its powers and powers under the Air Quality Management Ordinance 2020 in the National Capital Region.

The central government told the country’s largest court that a commission has been created under this ordinance. The court said that this is fine, but it will be heard after Diwali. Till then you should make arrangements to keep the National Capital Region and surrounding areas smog free.

Senior Advocate Vikas Singh immediately said that during this time, if anyone has difficulty in breathing or health related problems, then Solicitor General Mehta should be held responsible because I have already started coughing cough. Mehta also rocked the bath and said, ‘My advice is that you should give up some things.’ There was a laugh at this But then Vikas Singh pointed out to the court that the Health Ministry is not a member of the Commission. There are also different categories of crime.


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