Singur: Besmal state under the shock of nano. The Orbital Tribunal has ruled in favor of Tata Motors. Since then, the state politics has been divided. Push the responsibility. A huge industrial potential in Bengal was dashed in 2008. The Tata group retreated in the face of the farmers’ movement. Tata hastily wrapped up the construction of the factory leaving the work in the middle. Later in 2016, the Supreme Court ordered that the land should be returned to the farmers after being made suitable for farming. Following that directive, the Tata group’s under-construction nano factory was dynamite-ed.

At that time, various materials of factory work were lying in the field of Singur. Such as iron rods, tin sheds, canal pipes, or other various materials used in factory work. But they can no longer be found in that field. Now only stone-hard dalas made of sand-cement are scattered across the field. And here the question arises, where did this pile of iron rods, tin sheds, and pipes go? Did everything go like camphor? According to local sources, the market value of the material lying in this field is estimated to be several crores of rupees.

According to local sources, all these goods worth billions of rupees have been looted from this land in Singur. Rabindranath Bhattacharya, master of Singur, played a major role in the Trinamool act as a catalyst in the Singur movement. When the topic of the Singur movement and Trinamool comes up, Master Mashai also comes up at the same time. Although he is now a BJP man on the books, but in active politics, the veteran Mastermashai is no longer seen that way. That Rabindranath Bhattacharya also admits in one sentence, mangoes have been looted from this land of Singur.

Singur’s Master Mashai says, “A huge amount has been stolen. It is not yet known who stole it. Be it local people or outside traders… have stolen a lot of things and run away. We sought redressal even after bomb theft, I was also a minister then… but there was no redressal.”

According to local sources, steps were also taken by the police administration to prevent the scourge of theft in this area. CCTV cameras were installed in the area. But still, the complaint is that nothing has been done. Taking a jab at the state, Soumitra Pakhira, a member of BJP’s Yuva Morcha from Hooghly organizational district, said, “When the industry is created here, time is stolen. Labor is stolen in the course of industry. And when the industry collapses, the rod-it-stone-wood is all stolen.”

Although at present the Trinamool leadership is pushing the blame towards the left wing. Dudh Kumar Dhara, a local Trinamool leader and one of the leaders of the farmers’ movement, says, “If it was stolen, then the CPM was here at the time of the incident.”


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