US Election: Priyanka Chopra, keeping news of the moment, wrote- It seems like the night is going to be long

Discussion has been in full swing in the US since the morning about the ongoing presidential election results. Actress Priyanka Chopra has also shown her tendency towards the results. Along with husband Nick Jonas, she is also seeing updates of the presidential election results.

Priyanka posted a post on Instagram for her fans. In which he has shared his thoughts. He wrote- “The uncertainty of 2020 continues. I am watching the US elections with my family in Los Angeles. Many votes are still left … It looks like a long night is going to happen.” This year, more votes are to be counted than in previous years, as people voted early in the mail due to the epidemic.

Priyanka may be away from India but she is always active on social media. Recently, Priyanka Chopra has returned from Berlin after completing the shooting of her next film, Nick Jonas. On her Instagram account, Priyanka Chopra shared a picture while enjoying with Nick, in which she was seen in a red car with Nick Jonas, with both of her belly dogs Diana and Gino.

In a white dress, Priyanka has black glasses on her eyes. Nick Jonas sat in a blue sweater. Priyanka holds the belly dog ​​Diana in her lap, while she is looking at Gino very fondly while sitting in the back seat. Priyanka, who is sitting with her family, is seen very happy in the picture.

As always, Priyanka looks beautiful in these pictures too. Priyanka’s fan following is no less, whether she is in India or abroad. She has collected a lot of likes on these pictures too. Now you can guess how many Priyanka’s fans are in the country and abroad.


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