“Kadambini Mariai praman karilo se more nai” Karandighir Abdul’s story reminds us again and again of those lines from Rabithakur’s famous short story Jivet og Mritti. With his death certificate in hand, an old man is going from door to door to prove himself alive. The incident happened in Karandighi block. Allegedly, the old man was killed by his own six sons. Allegedly, this is a conspiracy to register the father’s land in their own name

The old man claimed that the police said that the copy of the complaint would be given subject to investigation The old man further alleged that his younger cousin and the then local chief Mohd Badiruddin were in connivance with his own sons in making the death certificate. However, the then-chief claimed that someone had forged the heir and death certificate, those certificates were not issued by the panchayat. In addition to claiming that all those papers are fake, he claims that the paper is fake. However, Pradhan also admitted that whether the documents were fake or original, the old man’s 75th-century land ownership record was changed in the name of his sons by showing those documents. Although the boys claim they are innocent, it is all a conspiracy by the uncles. But in any case, even on Wednesday afternoon, the old man was seen wandering around the Karandighi block office and the Karandighi police station. His demand is that the government says he is alive, and the administration should return his land ownership.

“Dead” Thuri, the living old man’s name is Abdul Kalam, house in Karandighi block Lahutara 1 village panchayat area of ​​Savadhan. At the moment the homeless old man is spending the night hiding in the houses of various relatives along with his second wife and two young children

And during the day, he goes from door to door to the administration to prove himself alive. The old man’s wife complains that those who can produce the death certificate of the living father can kill the dead person on that paper. Therefore, she has requested to take measures to prove her husband is alive. According to local sources, Abdul Kalam, a farmer by profession and a resident of Lahutara-1, village panchayat of Karandighi police station, got married for the second time after the death of his first wife. Since then, disputes over his land with the six sons of the first party and family turmoil increased. He gave about 20 hundredths of his own Basat Vita land to his sons and four hundredths to his younger brother.

Then after about a month, Pachek went back to sell the rest of his 75th-century land, he found out through the land buyers that his first party’s own six sons had divided his land among themselves with the death certificate of their father i.e. Abdul Kalam. He made the official records and claimed them. And then the old man was practically disoriented when he got a copy of his death certificate in his hand. His wife and two children of the second party have lost their land and have practically become a vagabond Karandighi has already filed a written complaint with the police station and block administration. But the disoriented old man is still going from door to door of the administration wondering if he can prove himself alive in practice.


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