Out for the first time in the World Cup before opening the account. The last match against England broke the hearts of Indian cricket lovers. Many come to the field to see Virat Kohli’s batting. If you don’t get a big run, you will be disappointed. King Kohli has created such expectations. Those expectations of the fans in Lucknow were not fulfilled. India and Sri Lanka face each other at the Wankhede Stadium on Thursday. Virat Kohli will play another nostalgic match. Virat Kohli also tasted the world victory in 2011 on this ground. How to forget that match against Sri Lanka? An era has passed since then. And in this era, Virat has shown power in world cricket. This time in the World Cup also in great rhythm. Virat Kohli is on the way to surpass Sachin Tendulkar’s century in ODI cricket. Virat’s comment is about that.

Had all gone well, Virat’s 49th career ODI century would have been against New Zealand at Dharamshala. The team needed 5 runs. His too. Virat was trying to finish the match with a six-hit century. However, the byte-ball did not connect properly. 95 runs to return. Sachin’s century was not touched. No runs came in the last match. A dream Wankhede win against Sri Lanka could see 49’s hopes come true. Virat Kohli said on the broadcasting channel, ‘My career of so many years, runs, centuries, success. Never thought so much could happen. I dreamed a lot. I did not expect everything to happen in this way.’

King Kohli also openly said, ‘I did not think that I would score so many runs and centuries in the last 12 years. My only focus was to perform well. Contribute to winning the team from difficult situations, that was the effort. Because of that, I have made many changes in my life. Tried to bring discipline. Although the desire was always there, I lacked professionalism in the beginning. Now my focus is much clearer.’

Debut in international cricket in 2008. Many cricketers came during his time but lost their potential. Virat thinks that hard work pays off. It is like the hard work that Virat has done, is now getting its reward.


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