Ever Googled yourself? Then shocked to see some very personal information about you there? Have you seen some very old pictures or some old messages from the time of opening that Facebook account? Starting with username and much more information comes there? Remember, this usually happens because of your brilliant presence on social media platforms. In some cases, it even comes down to your home address or phone number. Now tell me, who wants his confidential information to be out in public all at once? nobody wants Now Google itself can help you in this matter.

A new Google Search feature was announced last August. The feature alerts users when their personal information, especially contact information, appears in Google search queries. The name of the feature is ‘Results About You’ (Results About You). When and where a user’s information comes to the search engine, this feature can also highlight that aspect, as well as remove the page from Google’s results.

Mashable reporter Amanda Yeo said the Results About You feature is extremely helpful for those whose lives are prone to cyber and other risks. This Results About You feature is paired with Google’s privacy settings and other upcoming features. The feature will help take control over a person’s digital footprint, especially when all the information is flowing to a platform like Google.

Results About You: How to turn on the alert?

1) Anyone who has a Google account can turn on this alert. To turn on alerts, you must first ensure that you are signed in to a Google account.

2) First go to the Results About You Activity page.

3) Click on the Get Started option and follow the on-screen prompts.

4) Google will ask you to add any contact information, where you want to receive alerts. Users can add multiple names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

5) Confirm the information and mention how you want to be notified. Google can also send notifications to your email if you want.

6) Google will automatically scan search results for your personal information. If any information is indeed provided, you will be informed about it. Initial scanning will take some time.

7) Now you have to go to the Results About You page. From there you can edit your contact information.

How to remove your personal information from Google Search?

* For that first you need to go to the Results About You Activity page.

* Select the Results to Review option.

* Check the blue box next to the information about you that you want to remove.

* Submit request.


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