An allegation has been made against a private hospital in Burdwan that the eye of a newborn baby was damaged due to wrong treatment. The child’s father has complained to the District Chief Health Officer and the District Magistrate. Based on this complaint, the District Chief Health Officer has ordered a two-member committee to investigate.

Incidentally, the child’s father made this complaint on Tuesday. According to her claim, the child’s mother was admitted to a private nursing home in Chandaipur, Bam Chandaipur, Burdwan, on June 24 this year. It is known that the Chowdhury family’s bride, a resident of an elite residence near the Vivekananda College intersection in Burdwan, gave birth to a premature baby in just 7 months of pregnancy. Since the baby’s physical condition was bad since birth, the hospital authorities advised to keep the baby in the NICU or the NICU department. After being admitted there for 43 days, the child was discharged. The child’s family was informed that his son was premature due to eye problems. And. OP procedure should be done. When the Chowdhury couple was taken from there to Burdwan Medical College Hospital, the ophthalmologist of the medical college informed them that this problem usually occurs in premature babies. The family claims that they have learned that the treatment has to be done within two to three weeks.

Hitesh Chowdhury said, ‘After that, when we were taken to a hospital in South India for treatment, we were told that our eyes would be damaged there as well. Two operations are then performed. According to the family, however, the chances of full vision return are low. Hiteshbabu said, “Even after that private hospital in Burdwan took a bill of around four and a half lakh taka, my son suffered so much.” He said, “I have informed the health department. If necessary, I will take refuge in the court..’ My four-month-old son’s left eye is damaged due to wrong treatment. Why is RP screening not done in a hospital with NICU-3 facilities?” The child’s father Hitesh Chowdhury complained to the District Magistrate, District Chief Health Officer with various medical documents. He then called the ‘Tell the Chief Minister’ helpline about the entire incident. He was summoned to the District Health Office on October 16 and his statement was recorded. District Chief Health Officer Jairam Hembram said, ‘We have examined all the complaints including the statement of the child’s parents. Information has also been sought from the hospital in this regard. A two-member committee has been formed to investigate the entire matter.”

In charge of the children’s department of the hospital Dr. Mir. T. Zaman said that their first priority was to save the child from extreme danger. They acted in accordance with humane aspects and medical protocols. Family members were informed of all possibilities. The child needs to be kept under ventilation for 14 days followed by C-Pap for 10 days followed by oxygen support for another 10 days. R&P was not possible if the child was not stable. Also, although oxygen support was responsible for R&P, saving the child’s life was paramount at that moment. As previously informed to the family. Similarly, they were told to go to the medical college after the child came out of oxygen support. He also said that at first, the child had many problems in his physical structure. He could have become paralyzed. In that condition, it was practically impossible to take him to South India or Kolkata for eye treatment anyway. He also said that R&P was very normal in the stages that the child had to go through to save his life. ‘


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