Why Vindu Dara Singh feels that Ejaz-Pavitra's marriage will last only 2 days?

There is a lot of effort to make love angle in Bigg Boss 14. Now take the relationship between Pavitra Punia and Ejaz Khan. Both have been in love-hate since the beginning. Both say to be attached to each other. Pavitra has also confessed to liking Ejaz. Now this relationship is faked or both are really coming closer, only time will tell.

Ejaz-Pavitra will not marry- Vindu Dara Singh

but X Bigg Boss winner Vindu Dara Singh has something else to say on Ejaz-Pavitra’s relationship. Vindu disagrees with both their growing proximity and love angle. Vindu even said that if Ejaz-Pavitra gets married then it will only last 2 days. Vindoo Dara Singh: The personality of both Pavitra and Ejaz is completely different. If they get married then it will not last more than two days. I do not think both of them will get married.

By the way, many users on social media have called the love angle of Holy-Age as a fake and publicity stunt. Regarding season 14, Vindu Dara Singh says that he has seen this season quite a bit.

By the way, Vindu Dara is counted among those celebs who follow Bigg Boss closely every year. But this season is not making special headlines, nor is the show able to entertain the audience. Perhaps this is also a big reason for Vindu to see season 14 less.



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