For several months now, popular singers have been at the center of concert practice. The root cause of this is chaos. Sometimes AR Rahman had to face questions, and sometimes Arijit Singh had to apologize publicly. However, due to the repeated occurrence of such unpleasant incidents, Arijit Singh had to gain more speed this time. Arijit’s concert in Chandigarh on November 4. All the tickets have already been sold for huge sums of money. However, at the last minute, the local police blocked it, saying that it was not possible to hold this concert. No, not any other problem, this time the problem was lack of parking space. Chandigarh police did not initially want to give permission for this concert due to insufficient parking.

Arijit Singh’s Concert Cancelled

The concert was organized at the Exhibition Ground Sector 34. Arijit Singh’s fans were upset after this news. But now it’s time for relief. A new application form was submitted to the police station on Monday by the organizing body. Where there was a mention of organizing multiple new car parking spaces in detail. A total of eight parking zones are arranged with the help of the local municipality and several other vacant lots. Some of which are free to park in some places and the car has to be exchanged for money.

After checking all these parking arrangements, the police finally gave permission for this concert. According to a senior police officer, we had no problem with the concert, but if there was not enough parking space, there would have been chaos. Which may also affect local traffic. Considering all those aspects, initially, it was decided to cancel the concert. However, at present, the parking system has been properly cleared for Arijit Singh’s concert.

Local police estimate that the concert may require around 5,000 cars to park. So it was important to arrange the car properly. Arijit Singh’s concert has already sold out all the tickets for this show which means exorbitant ticket sales as the audience has seen many times in the past. This time too, tickets for packages starting from Tk 1800 to Tk 2 lakh have been sold out instantly. However, Arijit Singh’s fans smiled when he news that the concert was not canceled.


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