New York: Appearance, skin color should be pale white. If you have golden hair and blue eyes, you are blessed with gold. No, it’s not a party favor advertisement, these are one of the conditions of being a flight attendant. Passengers love young, saucy flight attendants, so if you meet these conditions, you’ll have a chance to become a flight attendant! Two flight attendants filed a case against the airline on the allegation of such malicious recruitment.

It is known that a case has been filed against United Airlines of America for hateful behavior. Two United Airlines flight attendants are suing the company for firing them, the Los Angeles Times reports. The two charter flight attendants allege that United Airlines selects flight attendants separately for senior executives and college sports teams. These two categories of passengers prefer young, young, attractive-looking flight attendants, especially those with blonde hair and blue eyes. The two flight attendants were removed from their scheduled flight service for that reason.

Two flight attendants, Dawn Todd (50) and Darby Cozada (44), filed a hate speech lawsuit against the airline after they were fired. The case filed on October 25 claimed that the two flight attendants were subjected to harassment and hatred on the basis of their caste, religion, nationalism, and age. Not only the airline but also its staff have behaved in a hostile manner.

The complainants claimed that both of them had worked for United Airlines for more than 15 years. They had been trying to join the airline’s Dodger Flight program for almost a decade. But their charges were dismissed because they were not white. The Dodger Flight Program, which hires flight attendants for chartered flights, recruits young, white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed young women.


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