Called again from a mobile number in Bangladesh and threatened KLO. The entire family is terrified of this incident. Earlier, KLO had sent a threatening letter to the businessman asking for money during Puja. It demanded 10 lakh rupees. Ten days were given. However, the businessman did not give the money. So he called the businessman again. On Sunday, KLO called him twice from a number in Bangladesh and reminded him about the money. Incident: LO has sent a letter to Binay Das, a businessman in the Nazirandeutikata area of ​​the Assam-Bengal border in the Alipurduar district, asking for 10 lakh rupees.

The incident took place in the Nazirandeutikata area of ​​the Alipurduar district of Cooch Behar. The letter was sent on WhatsApp. However, the letter sent on October 14 was seen by the businessman on October 18. After that, he approached the police. Even threats were made by calling WhatsApp from a number in Bangladesh. The whole family is now in fear with the threatening letter asking for money from KLO. The whole family is now spending days in fear. The businessman’s mother, wife son and daughter, and a disabled grandfather are there. Who has assured security? The headquarters of the KLO movement was North Haldibari in Kumaragram. Also nearby was Naziran Deutikata in Cooch Behar. KLO supremo Jiban Singh’s sisters Sumitra Burman and Dhananjay Burman are residents of this village. They were caught after an army operation in Bhutan in 2003. After a long jail term, they returned to the mainstream. Sumitra now works as a police home guard. The state government has given many surrendered militants and linkmen jobs as police home guards and civics.

After the army operation in Bhutan in 2003, KLO’s backbone was broken. KLO supremo Jeeban Singh fled to Bangladesh. For a long time, KL and Ro were not afraid. Again, in the face of Puja, KLO sent a letter to the businessman asking for money. Even then, KLO did not give up. He is constantly calling and threatening the businessman. There has been a stir in Naziran Deutikata area of ​​Cooch Behar near Alipurduar district in the Alipurduar district of Alipurduar district, demanding a large amount of money on a businessman’s mobile phone demanding a large sum of money. It is also alleged that the businessman was called from an unknown number and demanded that money within ten days. The businessman and his family were also threatened with death if the money was not deposited in the war fund of the Kamtapur Liberation Organization within a specified time.

A sensation has spread in the Naziran Deotikhata area adjacent to Alipurdua after the letter demanding 10 lakh rupees in the name of KLO came to light. The businessman approached the Baksirhat police station to report the whole incident. Vinay Das is a resident of Naziran Deotikhata area near Barbisha in Alipurduar. He is a truck trader by profession. However, due to business, he has to run to Assam as well. According to police sources, the letter received on the businessman’s mobile phone has the signature of the Kamtapur National Army CO and Collector of the Kamtapur Liberation Organization. In this regard, businessman Vinay Das said, ‘A letter was sent to his mobile phone demanding ten lakh rupees in the name of KLO. But if the money is not paid within ten days, he has been threatened to be killed. But where to whom to pay that money did not say anything. So he and his family are scared. After investigating the incident, he lodged a written complaint with the police station demanding the punishment of the accused. The police have started investigating the matter. KLO called twice on Sunday and demanded money. KLO asked to settle the matter with money.


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