Siliguri: After the recruitment corruption, this time the scandal in the food department is in the headlines. This office was run under the thumb of some businessmen, not the minister-bureaucrat. Explosive allegations are coming against the department on which the supply of bread and rice for the common man depends. Many people have known about the prestige of rice miller Bakibur Rahman. And now another ‘Bakibure’ came forward. My name is Bimal Roy. He is known as ‘Rai Saheb’ of the Northern Food Department. Sahib not only in name but also in his work, the officials of the food department considered him Sahib. In his words, there have been allegations of going up to the job of temporary workers.

Ration Scam in WB

Bimal Roy’s building in Patharghata, Matigara, Siliguri. Not only that, but he has more than one house. The truck is parked in front of the house. But all doors are closed. When he questioned the security guard inside the door, he said that the owner was not at home. He is accused of making about 1 lakh 60 thousand fake ration cards. Bimal Roy used to make all those fake ration cards in the name of tea workers. It is alleged that Raisaheb became inflated by selling them at high prices.

According to local sources, Bimal’s rise started in the left period. His family has three business licenses. He himself is a ration dealer, his son Vipul Roy is a kerosene dealer. And in the name of his wife, the food supply of a wide area runs. There are ration and kerosene shops near the house. The signboard says what time of day the shop will be open. Ration is also supposed to be delivered at the door. But the people of the area claim that all the shops are closed for half the days of the week. Residents of the area do not dare to open their mouths.

Officials of the North Bengal Food Department know him as Raisaheb. He is the last word in the food department of North Bengal. It is heard that he controls all the activities. A former temporary employee of the food department complained that he lost his job due to the pressure of Raisaheb because he did not agree to make the card. A person named Sukumar Varman has also filed a case in the High Court regarding this.

He said that he was appointed on February 4, 2021. Later pressure was being given to make fake ration cards. Allegedly, he left the job because he did not agree. From land business to sand extraction from rivers, Bimal Roy used to invest huge sums of money. He was traveling to the office of the Food Department in Kolkata. Many people also knew about the close relationship with the minister. However, after the arrest of Minister Jyotipriya Mallik, Raisaheb is in hiding. At least that’s what people in the area say. According to ED sources, Bimal Roy is also under close watch. Investigators have also looked into his financial transactions.

Opponents say Raisaheb used to go back and forth with the ruling party. Left leader Ashok Bhattacharya said, “Many Trinamool leaders of Siliguri were in contact with them and still are. The administration runs under their direction. They are associated with all land brokers. The money from the sale of food is invested in the land.” Again, BJP MLA Shankar Ghosh says, “Bimal Roy was influential even during the left period and still is.” However, Trinamool is unwilling to accept the relationship with Bimal. Trinamool leader Vedabrata Dutta made it clear, “They have nothing to do with our party.”


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