Kolkata: Trinamool has made Vijaya Sammilani a public relations tool. Trinamool has released the list of Vijaya Sammilani in every assembly across the state. But Murshidabad caught the attention of that list. Because the block-by-block Vijaya Sammilani program has been taken. What is the reason for this? Why so intensive public relations? The question from the political circles is whether the Trinamool is preparing to defeat the state Congress president Adhir Chowdhury. There is a big plan. Many people think that the seeds of abandonment are hidden in this Vijaya Sammilani of the Trinamool.

According to the list published by the Trinamool, there will be 26 Vijaya Sammilani in Baharampur alone. After Puja, the model of public connection is now the Vijaya Conference. The political circles think that the Trinamool leadership will discuss all these issues with the sweet and salty combination of the central deprivation, and the state BJP’s intolerance towards Bengal. This Vijaya assembly will be held in every assembly across the state.

One thing is worth noting. The list released by the Trinamool includes 26 Vijaya Sammilani across Baharampur Lok Sabha constituency. In Baharampur, the intensive public relations efforts are not happening in any other Lok Sabha.

In the center of Adhir, such intensive public connection is a matter of practice in political circles! The ’24 election is not much longer. After the Sagardighi by-election, the state Congress president was seen challenging Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee. Adhir Chowdhury’s challenge was that he would quit politics if either Mamata Banerjee or Abhishek Banerjee won as a candidate against him. Abhishek practically accepted that challenge.

Abhishek accepted Adhir’s challenge before leaving Murshidabad on Trinamool’s Navjoa Yatra. He said, “Winning Baharampur Trinamool is only a matter of time. I took the responsibility of development of Baharampur on my shoulders.” Explaining the political circles, Trinamool has started strong preparations to defeat Adhir. So much activity of Trinamool in Adhir center is definitely worth seeing.

However, there is no clear indication that Abhishek is contesting from Baharampur. There are some pressing rumors in the political circles. However, inquisitive circles are raising questions after seeing the fleet of Trinamool’s Vijaya Sammilani.

Besides, Trinamool is organizing a central Vijaya Sammilani at the Netaji Indoor Stadium in Kolkata after the Jelawadi Vijaya Sammilani. Leader Mamata Banerjee will be the main speaker at the meeting. The party has not yet announced anything about this meeting. According to sources, the party has no message in this regard to any of the leaders. However, the preparations for the meeting on November 16 in Indore are intense.


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