Rio de Janeiro: Cocaine-heroin-like drug addiction will be tackled by vaccination or vaccine? That is, vaccination will never lead to drug addiction. Whether it happens again or not! Brazil’s leading scientists are researching this seemingly impossible subject. Brazil has the second-highest number of cocaine addicts in the world. So drug addiction is a big problem in that country. A vaccine called ‘Calyxcoca’ has been developed against it. However, this vaccine is still in the experimental stage. So far, the vaccine has only been administered to non-human animals. However, this vaccine has shown great potential in preventing drug addiction. Scientists claim that this vaccine causes a reaction in the body that prevents drugs like cocaine or heroin from reaching the brain. As a result, even if the drug is taken, there will be no addiction. And if not, there is no possibility of addiction to that drug.

So far, the vaccine has been successfully tested on mice. It is not yet clear when the human trial will take place. However, the Brazilian research team won the Euro Innovation in Health award earlier this week, beating 11 other finalists. As prize money, they received 5 lakh pounds, i.e. more than 5 crore rupees in Indian currency. This money will be used for further development of the vaccine and experiments in the human body, the researchers said.

The coordinator of the research team, professor of psychiatry at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Frederico García, said, “We know how much trouble the family has when someone becomes addicted to drugs in a home. We know how painful it can be to stop using drugs once you’ve become addicted. How difficult it is for pregnant women who have addictions to protect their fetuses and cope with pain. They have to deal with the dilemma of whether to take drugs or not. And so we thought of making this vaccine.”

He also said that this vaccine is being developed for those who want to stay away from cocaine or other drugs permanently. He also said that there is no specific treatment for drug addiction like cocaine-heroin. At present addiction is tried through various processes like psychological counseling, social support, and rehabilitation. This vaccine can play a breakthrough role in this field.


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