New Delhi: Son-in-law from Calcutta, experience of working in Bengal for a long time. So Mahendra Singh Dhoni knows Bengal well. And Captain Kull once used the skill of knowing Bengali in the field. Knowing Bengali, he had already understood all the tactics of the opponent. Recently a video is doing the rounds on social media. So that Dhoni is heard to say that he had heard all the words of the cricketers of Bangladesh once during the match. What happened then? Know more in this report of TV9 Bangla Sports.

Cricketers speak their mother tongue in the field. So once in the India-Bangladesh match, Shakib Al Hasan was talking to each other in Bengali. Dhoni listens to all the words of the opponent to get an ear at such a time. Shakib didn’t realize that Mahi was listening or understanding everything. Dhoni also understood what strategy Bangladesh was trying to defeat India. He also arranged donations in the same way as the bat. Dhoni did not have much difficulty in understanding how the ball would come, what steps Bangladesh wanted to take, and the instructions given by the captain to the wicketkeeper. After the match, the Tigers found out that Dhoni had actually heard all their words on the field. The Tiger army was surprised to hear this. Mahi recently shared about this funny incident.

In the viral video, Captain Cool can be heard saying, “When I was working in Kharagpur, I could speak Bengali well. If I say now, maybe something is wrong. But I still understand Bengali well. So if someone speaks Bengali in front of me, I can understand everything well. When I was playing a match in Bangladesh. While batting, I heard what the captain was instructing the pacer. Later Bangladeshi cricketers were surprised.”


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