Kolkata:  Priyadarshini Mallick has been in the headlines ever since the arrest of Forest Minister Jyotipriya Mallik. From courts, and hospitals to CGO complexes, minister-daughters are seen everywhere. Questions have already been raised about Professor Priyadarshini’s huge wealth in the profession. The question has arisen, how did the minister’s daughter become the owner of nearly three and a half crores by just teaching tuition? ED claims that Priyadarshini is also the director of several bogus companies. This time, the tension is about the position of the minister’s daughter. Can he be kept in the position of secretary of institutions like the Higher Secondary Education Council, which is coming to the fore with corruption?

Vikas Bhavan is divided on the question of minister-daughter posts. There are already allegations of corruption against the education department. Many people do not want any corruption in him. A big part of Bikash Bhavan does not want to debate about Parliament. In such a situation, the position of Priyadarshini will remain or not? Speculation has increased about it.

Swapan Mondal, general secretary of the Bengali Teachers and Education Workers Association, said, ‘There have been allegations that the minister’s daughter was associated with corruption. It is also alleged that he has become the owner of crores of rupees by teaching tuition. Why should such a person be kept in the position of secretary?’ His further question is, ‘Secretary has been appointed with the approval of the Chief Minister. Did he know anything? If you know why was appointed?’ He felt that Priyadarshini should be removed immediately.

The same question was raised by Debashis Sarkar, former secretary of the Higher Secondary Education Council. According to him, the work of this Higher Secondary Education Council created in 1978 is very important. The job of this board or council is to evaluate millions of students and publish the results. Based on that result, the student goes on the path of higher education. So he commented that the acceptance of these institutions is everywhere. Debashis Sarkar’s clear statement, ‘If any crime is alleged, he should step aside for the sake of lakhs of students. No such person should act.’ He feels that he can work with honor after the charges are cleared.


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