Kolkata: Two and a half months ago, the entire state was in a frenzy in the Jadavpur ragging incident. A first-year student died. With which there was a big uproar in the political circles. Meanwhile, there are complaints of ragging again in the city of Kolkata. Allegedly, the victim of ragging in Heritage Institute of Technology College is a second-year student. The student Soham Sarkar has already lodged a written complaint with the Anandpur police station. He also demanded strict punishment against the culprits. It is also alleged that he was threatened with death.

According to sources, Soham’s house is in Ramgarh of Netajinagar. Currently, he is a second-year student of CSE at Heritage Institute of Technology College. In the complaint made to the police, the student said that Masum Raja, Abir Sen, and some of their companions surrounded him near the college gate around 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday. Massive beatings were also done. He was thrown on the street and kicked in the chest and stomach. Murray’s injuries severely injured his right leg, breaking a tooth.

Soham somehow returned home in a bloody state. He told the whole incident to the people at home. They took him to Baghazatin State General Hospital and gave him first aid. The whole family is very afraid of the incident. Approached the police. However, the student said that Masum Raja, Abir Sen had assaulted him on 10/11. It is reported that both of them are students of the BBA department of the college. In the police complaint, Soham writes, ‘I was abused in front of the gate that day. He said he would look at me to become a junior student. Also threatened to end my career. I informed the college authorities about that incident. They have repeatedly threatened me with death. It has been said that you do not know who we are. Please save my life.’


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