Kolkata: The officers of the food department are now under the ED’s eye. Detectives have started making a list of some officers and bureaucrats who were close to Balu. According to ED sources, the names of all these officers are matched by questioning the former and current aides of the minister.

Ration Scam Case

Balu Mallick’s two aides have been confronted by the ED officials for the past few days. One is former Apta assistant Abhijit Das, and the other is Amit Dey. ED is interrogating them from time to time. The arrest of the minister was followed by lengthy interrogation. According to ED sources, the detectives got the names of officers and bureaucrats close to Balu from them. Not only that, the list of all the officers whose stamp was found in Bakibur Rahman’s office, when and who was in charge of that position is also being prepared. ED is monitoring the property, income, and expenditure of all those officers and their families.

Incidentally, the ED said that it was not getting any information after questioning former food minister Jyotipriya Mallik before his arrest in the ration corruption case. He was then arrested on charges of non-cooperation in the investigation. According to ED sources, Balu Mallick is ‘speak not’ in Tuesday’s interrogation. Investigators are repeatedly seeking to know the source of his huge income. But it is reported that he has cleverly avoided the answer to all those questions. As a result, ED officials claim that no satisfactory answer is being received by questioning him. The minister will be interrogated today after the medical checkup.


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