Tel Aviv: Will Israel take over the entire Gaza Strip, sending all the people of Gaza to Sinai in Egypt? Such is the claim of WikiLeaks. A secret document has been released by WikiLeaks on social media platform X. The controversial 10-page document was produced by the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence a week after the attacks by Hamas in Israel, WikiLeaks claims. Julian Assange’s organization claims that the document outlines the expulsion of the Palestinian population from Gaza to Egypt’s North Sinai. They also said the document, written in Hebrew, was initially published on the Hebrew website ‘Mecomit’. Mecomit claims the document was verified by an official of the Israeli Intelligence Ministry. They further stated that the contents of this document were advisory only. There is no obligation to do so. What did the Israeli intelligence ministry suggest in the document?

Plan to send Palestinians to Egypt

According to social media posts by WikiLeaks, Israel has a four-pronged plan to send Palestinians living in Gaza to Egypt’s Sinai –

1. Palestinian civilians ordered to evacuate northern Gaza

In the first phase of the plan, Israel will ask residents of northern Gaza to move to southern Gaza, before launching a ground attack on Gaza. The Netanyahu government has already done so. Over the past two weeks, Gazans have been repeatedly ordered to evacuate northern Gaza and move south.

2. Gradually march from north to south of Gaza

After that, the military operations from northern Gaza will be gradually moved by the Israel Defense Forces to the southern part of Gaza.

3. The Rafah border should be kept open

During the Israeli military operation in southern Gaza, the Rafah border crossing in southern Gaza must be kept open. So that Gazans can easily enter Egypt through that border crossing to escape from Israeli forces. This crossing point is controlled by Egypt. On Wednesday (November 1), the border was opened for the first time since the start of the war. However, it is only for foreign nationals and seriously injured Palestinian nationals.

4. Setting up tent cities in North Sinai

In the final phase of the plan, Israel wants to set up a tent city for displaced Gazans in the northern part of Sinai, Egypt. Tel Aviv wants to move Gazans there permanently.

Netanyahu’s denial

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office said the document was a fictitious practice document. The document was not created in the wake of Hamas attacks. However, after WikiLeaks leaked the document, the governments of Palestine and Egypt strongly criticized it.

Egypt concerns

The Egyptian government believes that Israel plans to blame the Gaza problem on Egypt. The population of Gaza is about 22 million. If this large population enters Egypt, Cairo will be in trouble.

Palestine concerns

The Palestinian Authority believes that Israel is seeking to occupy the entire Gaza Strip through such a plan. Nabil Abu Rudayneh, a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said, “If Israel tries that, we will not allow it.” What happened in 1948 will not happen again.”

Arabs will not sit still

In 1948, the state of Israel was created, displacing nearly seven million Palestinian citizens. Displaced Palestinians, locked in their homes, fled to refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. He thought he would return home after the war. But Israel has not allowed them to return to their homes. The population of those Palestinian refugees has now grown to 60 million. Will the ‘Nakba’ happen again in Gaza? The eyes of the whole world will be in that direction. And if Israel really goes ahead with this plan, the Arab countries will not sit still.


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