Kolkata: Gaza is still hot in the Hamas-Israel conflict. Blood is flowing, life is going. When will the war stop? The whole world is looking for this answer. Meanwhile, in the atmosphere of war, some countries have been taken by the Palestine side. Some countries are in favor of Israel. Simply put, the world is divided crosswise in times of crisis. The black flame of war in India? Absolutely in Kolkata? The Palestinian flag flew in Eden during the World Cup. That’s why there has been an uproar in the civil society.

It is known that during the Bangladesh-Pakistan match, some spectators entered the field with the flag of Palestine. A Palestinian flag can be seen in the hands of some of the spectators standing in the gallery. A few people who were standing also had the Bangladesh flag in their hands. They stood holding both flags for a long time. Seeing this scene, several visitors in the gallery took pictures and videos. This scene is seen in the video that has come out.

According to sources, within this incident, the news went to the officials in charge of ICC. Realizing the importance of the incident, immediate action was taken. In order not to release any political motivation, and to avoid creating any unpleasant situation, the spectators holding the Palestinian flag were quickly thrown out of the stadium. According to sources, 4 people have been arrested in this incident. Incidentally, the Bangladeshi batsmen could not survive the fast bowling of the Pakistani bowlers. The top order to the middle order collapsed like a house of cards. Batting first, Shakib Al Hasan’s team scored 204 runs in 45.1 overs. Batting back, Babar Azam’s team bagged the match in 32.3 overs, picking up only three wickets.


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