Saif Ali Khan – On hearing this name, two images of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, thuri, and ‘tiger’-son revolve in the mind of the netizens. One, the actor, and two, the fashionista. Saif’s ‘Bengali look’ in late Bollywood director Pradeep Sarkar’s film ‘Parineeta’ is still vivid in everyone’s memory. Whether it was the batik Punjabi or the white Punjabi pajama worn by the Bengalis, both had an authentic Bengali look. Later, Saif was mostly seen in white Punjabi-pajama in various pictures on social media. With matching kolapuri slippers. Eyeglasses with black frames. Saif’s favorite ‘Bengali look’ is from nineties kids to millennials and even Gen Zs.

Bengal has a connection with Saif’s Ali Khan. Mother Sharmila Tagore got a taste from ‘Tiger’-Santan. So he likes Bengali clothes. But why is there so much talk about Saif’s ‘Bengali Look’? Recently, Saif designed some of his clothes with Bengali fashion designer Abhishek Roy. Diwali is coming soon. Diwali festival of lights is celebrated all over the country. That’s why Saif gave Abhishek the task of making seven to eight dresses. In the words of Abhishek Roy, “Saif will make some more clothes in the coming days, which have a Bengali touch. Suggestion Chote Nawab in this Bengali dress on the day of Diwali.” What kind of Punjabi is there for ‘Chhote Nawab’? The designer from Calcutta replied, “Pajama-Punjabi is staying; There is fine work near the neck. White and some bright colors are used in it. Also, there are Punjabi and Dhoti styles of Bengali armor. Kalka is on the banks of Punjabi and Dhoti.” Designer Abhishek has also given some samples for the readers. Saif also wears Punjabi-pajama in daily life at home. So he also let Abhishek make several Punjabi pajama sets.

Whether it’s New Year or Vaidooj, Saif has been seen mostly in his homely Punjabi. Incidentally, apart from the movie, Saif’s performances in ‘Tandab’ and ‘Sacred Games’ have impressed the audience. Saif Ali Khan has allowed Bengali-style Punjabi clothes for himself, but has yet to allow others in the family to wear them, says Abhishek from Kolkata. But the designer Abhishek hopes, in the future, the actor can be responsible for making clothes for the whole family.

Bengali clothes were once worn by many people in Mumbai. Because many Bengali directors, singers, and actors were shaking Mumbai then. In Abhishek’s words, “Saif Ali Khan found me from his stylist. The actor himself then contacted me.” He further added, “This Punjabi is the most comfortable and elegant menswear in the Indian climate. And despite being a superstar, Saif can carry this simple outfit very well.” Abhishek said, knowing what kind of style Saif Ali Khan wants, we sketch the clothes first. Then I design the superstar’s dhoti according to his wishes.”


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